Meet the AONB Team

Simon Amstutz
AONB Manager (joint AONBs team) 

Beverley McClean 
AONB Planning Officer (joint AONBs team)

Cathy Smith
Communications, Funding & Development Officer (joint AONBs team)

Claire Cadman
AONB Projects Officer (joint AONBs team) 

Deborah Sage 
AONB Officer (joint AONBs team)

Lucy Oldham
AONB Partnership Officer (joint AONBs team)

Neil Lister
Countryside Project Officer (joint AONBs team)

Paula Booth
AONB Officer (joint AONBs team)

Pete Cosgrove
Marine Pioneer Manager

Jacqueline French, 50th Anniversary Officer (temporary)

Other members of the wider AONBs team are:
Alex Moore da Luz
River Stour Project Officer

Emma Black 
Countryside Project Officer (part-time) 

In 2014 the Dedham Vale AONB and Stour Valley Project joined administration with Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB.

  • Simon Amstutz

    Simon Amstutz
  • Lynn Allen

    Lynn Allen
  • Neil Lister

    Neil Lister
  • Cathy Smith

    Cathy Smith
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