Alde & Ore Estuary Partnership

A partnership set up by the community for the community

The Alde & Ore Estuary Partnership (AOEP) was formed in May 2012 (see Secretary of State for the Environment inaugural address) with a membership membership representing parishes and all local interests. They took on the responsibility for managing a sustainable future for river defences in the estuary. With Government funding reduced, particularly in rural areas, it is now up to the local community to help fund areas that do not meet the Government cost benefit assessments.

The Alde & Ore Estuary Partnership now has its own web page, which you can access by clicking

Restoration of the Saltings The Partnership has also agreed and secured additional funding for several saltings restoration projects in the estuary and they can be seen at low tide just west of Orford Quay, by the wreck of the Iona at Slaughden and at Brick Dock.  Although it is early days the project sites are showing very positive results and we are keen to now make the faggots ourselves for projects later in the year and hope to save considerable costs by doing this locally rather than order them from much further afield.

Vegetation Analysis 2016 Abrehart Ecology was commissioned by Natural England to carry out a comparison of available vegetation surveys to assess changes in the saltmarsh vegetation.  You can view or download the report with this link:

Comparison of saltmarsh habitats of the Alde-Ore estuary complex SSSI recorded in 1993 and 2013/15 NVC surveys, March 2016 by Abrehart Ecology for Natural England

The appendices have been split into five parts in order to make more manageable file sizes but please note they are all still very large files! 

Appendices Part one

Appendices Part two

Appendices Part three

Appendices Part four

Appendices Part five

Volunteers are more than welcome If you would like to help support the work of the AOEP in any way, administratively or more practically by making up faggots in the spring or monitoring the mud accretion on the saltings restoration sites please contact







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