Meeting Notes and Terms of Reference

Issue of current interest:  Application for a Several Order to create a mussel fishery

In spring 2015 the AONB became aware that a company had applied to Defra for a 'several order' to create a private mussel fishery on certain areas in the Stour and Orwell estuaries.  There was a one month consultation period and the applicant's solicitors invited responses to be sent direct to them and copied to Defra with a deadline of 1 April.  The application was circulated around the members of the Estuaries Management Group, which contains agencies and organisations who formally responded within their areas of expertise. 

The AONB team received many calls and emails about the application from members of the public with fishing, bait digging and yachting/boating interests and so is aware that there are concerns among the communities on the estuaries about this proposed fishery.

In order to increase understanding of the issues, some Group members have agreed to make their responses available here:

Stour & Orwell Estauries Management Group Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference 2015


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Other interesting documents: 

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