Monitoring & Research

The disturbance of birds by people is an issue that is being recognised nationally.  Due to the pioneering work carried out by the Stour & Orwell Estuaries Management Group in 2008 the AONB took on the role of developing a methodology for assessing this risk funded by Natural England.

Assessing this disturbance, and trying to understand its impact, is a priority in the management of many protected areas as recreational activities and housing and other developments increase.

Consultation for the Defra 2010 draft report on activities that could have an impact on features within European Marine Sites (EMS) identified the need for work to enable better monitoring of disturbance and potential mechanisms for addressing this where it occurs, following Natural England advice and as part of the UK’s wider obligations to Europe under the Habitats Directive.  Key regional stakeholders perceive recreational disturbance as a risk to EMS on the Suffolk coast.


REPORT - a simple method for assessing the risk of disturbance to birds at coastal sites

Disturbance to waterbirds wintering in the Stour and Orwell SPA - Final Report

Changes in the distribution of birds at low water in the Stour & Orwell SPA 1996 - 2105, Feb 2016

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