Sustainable Development Fund (SDF)

Each year the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB receives money called the Sustainable Development Fund (SDF), from Defra, to support projects which will enhance and/or benefit the area. There is an annual application process.

SDF grants are available for delivery for the year from April to March the following year, with the application deadline being in the spring. See below for the list of projects awarded SDF grants in in the last few years.

The fund is now OPEN for applications for projects that start in April 2020. Please see the guidance and application form below. The DEADLINE for applications is Thursday 12 March 2020.

We have £40,000 in the fund to award each year, and can award up to 70% of project costs. 
Organisations who are seeking a grant up to/in the region of £500 can apply for 100% of the total project costs. This is intended to support small projects and grass roots organisations where finding match funding would be prohibitive to delivering important local conservation. Please note the Community and Conservation Fund is a specific fund for small grants and may be more appropriate for your application.

Contact the AONB Funding Officer Cathy Smith (01394 445225) for a discussion. 


SDF Funding Guidelines 2020-21

Application Form

2019-20 projects funded 
2018-19 projects funded
2017-18 funded projects (two rounds)
SDF funded projects 2016-17 
SDF Funded Projects 2015-16 
SDF Funded Projects 2014-15 
SDF Funded Projects 2013-14 
SDF Funded Projects 2012-13



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