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The Suffolk Marine Pioneer has been assisted by 7 dedicated volunteers over 18 months. Currently supporting the project are Dee McLeavy and Wendy Turner.   The Marine Pioneer is continually seeking volunteers to contribute to its objective of informing the Government's implementation of Environment Policy. If you think you’d like to apply your skills or learn new ones as part of the  Suffolk Marine Pioneer team, read about Wendy and Dee’s Story below. Be sure to check out the person specification, downloadable from the bottom of the page.

Dee (L) and Wendy  (R)celebrate graduating from the Open University with Project Manager Pete Cosgrove (October 2018)

Wendy Turner of Thurston and Dee Mcleavy from Melton, found friendship through the Open University when studying for Honours degrees in Environmental Studies. Upon graduating from the Open University, Dee and Wendy sought to apply their new-found skills to their shared passion of environmental improvement.

The Marine Pioneer Project Assistant role presented Dee and Wendy with the challenge of applying their academic knowledge to the practical question of how one might apply a natural capital approach, whilst asking them to draw on previous experience to add additional perspective to the project. On seeing the advertisement, Dee and Wendy immediately got in contact with the Project Manager, Pete Cosgrove, to understand what role they could play in the project.

Dee has been able to draw upon her varied career in the private sector to analyse how the enthusiasm of Suffolk Citizen Science might be harnessed to bolster the evidence base required to deliver natural capital thinking. Dee commented; “As a 70-year-old grandmother it is as if everything has led me to this point, where I hope I can help influence government environmental policy”.

Mother of two, Wendy has been applying her creative flare and public relations knowledge, gained through her former life as a photo journalist, to tackle the question of how we can communicate the concept of ‘natural capital’. – Turn to the ‘ Nature’s Value Photo comp to see the outputs of this work.


If you’ve got an interest in environmental sustainability, marine management or public relations and would like to be part of the Suffolk Marine Pioneer team  please review the person specification and get in contact Project Manager, Peter Cosgrove, to find out more. 01394 445216

Person Specification



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