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Writing this after the warmest early May Bank Holiday ‘on record’ it seems churlish not to join in with the nations favourite subject – I mean the weather and not Eurovision! – what a delight it has been, after our long drawn out Winter, to have arrived straight into Summer! A thought that immediately follows is… that I’ll have to start thinking about watering my little garden.

I’m good but not great when it comes to my water consumption – I try to be careful and have for years used washing up water on the garden. I once accidentally grew a tomato plant, from seeds that must have been thrown out!

So, I was interested to read recently about Cape Town’s ‘Day Zero’ campaign. Six-months on it is seen as a success. Not only is individual consumption limited to 50 litres a day (for comparison California’s 321 per day was given as a statistic), but advice was to reuse shower water, hand sanitiser instead of water and to strictly limit toilet flushing.

It is not just about people habits, but to find ways to farm with less water, and for the government to find better ways to service their water (dealing with repairs, digging bore holes etc). One commentator also suggested eliminating ‘thirsty’ non-native species like pine and eucalyptus that deplete dam reserves.

Behind the campaign is the ongoing need to stop the city reservoirs going dry (‘day zero’). Keeping the momentum going and the message relevant is the communications challenge. South Africa is over 8,000 miles away, but these messages are improtant to us in Essex/Suffolk.

Bringing my thoughts closer to home… the next month is busy for all sorts of activities in our calendar! Come and see us at the Hadleigh Show (19 May); join the Stour Valley Education Network for a family outdoor activity day (1 June); or the Colchester May-Elect and Dedham Vale AONB Chairman’s fund raising walk (9 June); join us at the Dedham Vale Forum (15 June); take part in the Management Plan consultation for Suffolk Coast & Heaths (to 21 May), and finally, the AONB team lead two walks in the Suffolk Walking Festival (14 and 22 May). Have a great month!

First published in the East Anglian Daily Times on 12 May 2018

By Cathy Smith on July 12th, 2018

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