Green fingered villagers

Our Community and Conservation Fund, along with funding from Suffolk County Council Locality Budget, WH Greenfield Farms, Blaxhall Environment Group, and donations from private individuals has helped a hedge planting project in Blaxhall.

Hedging plants and materials were supplied by Crown Nursery, Ufford to villagers braving the recent cold winds and snow to complete a community project replanting 200 metres of hedging along a popular bridleway which links Blaxhall Youth Hostel to Blaxhall Common. This new planting replaces the ancient hawthorn hedge which was removed from along the track nearly 50 years ago. 

The group of local volunteers were joined by village residents Ena Plant (81) and Ray Poacher (84) who were both born in Blaxhall and who both remember the original hedge before it was grubbed out in the 1970s.  In a symbolic link with the past Ena planted the first hedging plant and Ray completed the project by planting a locally grown oak sapling.

Not only will this return a long lost feature back to the local landscape, but the mix of hawthorn, field maple and holly will also create an important green corridor for wildlife”. 

Some of the volunteers who helped to plant the new hedge included (left to right): Steve Smedley, Joy Shaw, Thomas Liddy, Emma Burwood, Julia Greenfield, Nicola Gooch, and Alba the Black Labrador.  Other members of the team not present for the photograph include Mike Cowling, Paul “Dino” Smith, Eve Rossor and Rodney West.






By Helen Taylor on April 25th, 2013

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