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The team at Suffolk Coast & Heaths and Dedham Vale Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) were delighted that the people of Suffolk value ‘Beautiful Countryside, Wildlife and the Coast’ so highly in the excellent EADT ‘Suffolk Says Survey’.

For the second survey running these factors are the main reason why people love living in the area. Nearly 50%of respondents to the survey listed these factors as the best thing about living in Suffolk.

It is not surprising. The AONB designation is a national one bestowed on an area by National Government. AONBs are designated for their natural beauty, landscape, wildlife and the appeal to the senses are assessed when taking decisions about the suitability of an area achieving the protected landscape status.

The value Suffolk residents recognise as the best things about living in the county is recognised. The value that the natural beauty brings to Suffolk, in terms of its tourism industry, contribution to peoples mental and physical health and wildlife should not be underestimated.

It is recognised that development is important to achieving both local and national objectives. The value nationally designated landscape brings to the area and the value residents apply put on beautiful countryside, wildlife and the coast should not be forgotten. Where development does take place, it should not detract from what is valued highly and the benefits of the natural environment.

The people of Suffolk identify what is the best thing about living in the county. To ensure future generations enjoy similar countryside, wildlife and coast, decisions about the future of the Suffolk need to ensure that the solutions they provide for today’s problems do not detract from the what is valued today.

This article first seen in the East Anglian Daily Times, 21 July 2018.



By Cathy Smith on August 16th, 2018

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