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I do a little bit of volunteering in an orchard near where I live. We recently went to meet some folk who were advising us on helping stag beetles in ‘our’ orchard. It was a fascinating insight into the life cycle of this glorious creature. While we were being rushed from one potential habitat to another our guide picked up a couple of other people who were keen to show us ‘their’ newts and dragonfly larvae in a local pond.

All fantastic. It reminded me of some of what I consider to be the important things in life and how the excitement of seeing a creature in its natural habitat can be life affirming and infectious.

The nationally designated Suffolk Coast & Heaths and Dedham Vale Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are important areas for wildlife. Many will have seen in the news this week the potential that climate change will have on, among many things, wildlife. Added to this the loss of wildlife habitat from development and other pressures it all adds up to a worrying time for the natural world.

There are of course many success stories. Wildlife moved out of the way of development and located in newly created bespoke habitat, land managed for the benefit of wildlife and state sponsored agri environment schemes that deliver wildlife gains.

Challenges to the wellbeing of wildlife will continue to be put forward. I consider that wildlife is important to us all. The physical and mental benefits of being out in the natural environment should not be underestimated and as I have said before, once it is gone it is gone. So let us all make the best decisions for wildlife when we can.

First printed in the EADT Sat 13 October 2018

By Cathy Smith on October 23rd, 2018

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