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Summer is an ‘outstanding’ time to appreciate our Outstanding Landscapes! I’ll no doubt say that all the other seasons are also outstanding… so let’s enjoy this one for now! I welcome the abundance of our surroundings – lots of rain and warm weather has really helped everything grow – and although I’m not a forager or jam maker I really appreciate my friends and local farm shops who are now supplying me with goodies. My small garden is looking lovely, with its sparrows keeping an eye on it while I am at work, and I’m also trying to attempt to enjoy a regular swim in the North Sea… With a distinctly cool-water start to the swimming season I was a bit late putting my toe in, and recently the Crystal jelly fish have been visiting, resulting in an interesting tingling feeling (they now seem to have moved on) and I have a refreshing start to the day before getting to the office.

My work in the compact AONB team covers a variety of topics, and over the next few months Simon and I will be profiling different strands of not just our own areas of work but those of our colleagues. I’m lucky to live in Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB, in view of the sea too, and over five years ago when I joined Dedham Vale AONB team I was really pleased to be able to put some personal interests into practical use for such wonderful local partnerships (now supported by a joint AONB team).

My work background is in marketing, running projects, funding advice, tourism and culture… all useful skills in the two AONBs where I am the Communications, Funding and Development Officer. Tasks on my desk/inbox at the moment is preparation for the two AONB Autumn/Winter newspapers, a grant application for the Stour Valley, sorting our attendance at the Birdfair at Rutland (in mid-August), a range of activities to manage our Coastal Communities Fund project that encourages everyone including visitors to the area to Join In! with supporting the conservation and enhancement of the AONBs as volunteers. More on all of this next time…

Printed in the East Anglian Daily Times 6 August 2016


By Cathy Smith on September 6th, 2016

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