1. Stranded animals along our coast

    By Cathy Smith on August 20th, 2014

    Support the national campaign - read more here

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  2. Environment Agency works begin at Felixstowe Ferry and Martlesham

    By Cathy Smith on July 16th, 2014

    Environment Agency notifications of recent works (July 2014). Work is being carried out on the River Deban to repair flood defences - see full details below: Felixstowe Ferry - end of July for two weeksMartlesham Sluice - end of July for five weeks

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  3. Stour & Orwell Forum

    By Cathy Smith on July 4th, 2014

    Stour & Orwell Forum - Thursday 17th July from 9.30 am – 1.30 pm - Suffolk Food Hall Register by sending an email to or phone 01394 384948 The forum promises to be an informative and engaging event for all those with an …

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  4. Get on your bike for the Cycle Suffolk Challenge!

    By Cathy Smith on June 11th, 2014

    Cycle and win with the Cycle Suffolk Challenge Get involved and sign up for the challenge by visiting Download the Poster and the invitation.

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  5. Suffolk Nature Strategy

    By Cathy Smith on June 3rd, 2014

    Promoting and supporting conservation of Suffolk's woodlands, landscapes and wildlife. Suffolk is a beautiful county and its natural environment and quality of life is much treasured by people who live and work in the county. Suffolk has it all - …

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  6. Environment Landscape and Archaeological Committee Report launched

    By Helen Taylor on February 26th, 2014

    Environment Landscape and Archaeological Committee of the Deben Estuary Partnership Launch their report to inform the Estuary Plan! This short but interesting report seeks to reflect the points raised in recent consultation with groups and …

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  7. Deben Bird Report

    By Helen Taylor on February 21st, 2014

    The Deben Estuary Partnership is proud to announce the publication of its Deben Bird Report.  Funded by the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB Sustainable Development Fund, the report is an evaluation of key areas for birds, recreational disturbance …

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  8. Success for Deben saltmarsh restoration

    By Helen Taylor on January 10th, 2014

    The Deben Estuary Partnership (DEP) is pleased to announce the completion of an innovative and creative saltmarsh restoration project of 25 hectares at Falkenham marshes, just north of Felixstowe Ferry on the Deben estuary.  Saltmarsh is under …

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  9. Touching the Tide launches writing competition

    By Helen Taylor on January 10th, 2014

    Help us celebrate Orfordness Lighthouse The Orfordness Lighthouse was switched off in June 2013, and this iconic building is now threatened by erosion. To celebrate our lighthouse, a unique writing competition for fiction and non-fiction has been …

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  10. AONB boundary extension considered.

    By Helen Taylor on December 18th, 2013

    For many years there has been a desire amongst a partnership of organisations to extend the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB boundary to include the southern shore of the Stour Estuary.  On 4th December 2013 Natural England’s Board agreed to start …

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