Deben Estuary Plan

The Deben Estuary Partnership (DEP) is pioneering a new way of planning for the future of an estuary. With the support of the Environment Agency and Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB, the DEP are formulating a plan which gives the local community, parish councils, landowners and local businesses more involvement in the future of their estuary. 

The Deben Estuary Plan (April 2015) can be viewed on the AONB website (page with sections split out) or on the DEP website.

Public Consultation:  The DEP has completed a Public Consultation for the Plan. Visit the DEP's website to read the Plan and discover what it means for you (consultation closed on 5/1/15). 

The Portrait of the Deben document (available to download below) was developed earlier in the year to ensure that decisions, policies and actions under the future Deben Estuary Plan can take a broad view. The comments and views gathered in this document have been used to inform the Deben Estuary Plan which will in turn inform statutory decision-making.

If you require any further information on the Deben Estuary Plan please contact the AONB Team


Flood Cells
Flood Cells Overview Map
Flood Cells Map 01
Flood Cells Map 02a, 02b, 03
Flood Cells Map 04
Flood Cells Map 05a & b, 09, 10, 11
Flood Cells Map 06, 13
Flood Cells 01, 02a & b, 07
Flood Cells 08, 09, 10
Flood Cells 12

Map of the Deben Estuary by Robert Simper
Deben estuary recreation pressure map 

Reports and presentations
Portrait of the Deben
The new Deben Estuary Plan
Estuary Mouth Workshop Final Report
Dr Helene Burningham - The Deben Knolls and Mouth
Presentation - MMO Stacey Mayer - Marine Planning
Possible causes of saltmarsh erosion 

Wall heights and lengths data
Wall heights and lengths
Raw Data - wall heights and lengths

Landscapes for life link image