Quiet Lanes Suffolk

Quiet Lanes – EXPECT the lane to be used by a variety of people, animals and transport, and RESPECT each others rights to considerate road use! In 2013-2014 there was a pilot project in Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) that resulted in several lanes in the AONB being designated as a quiet lane. 

Quiet Lanes Suffolk aims to benefit everyone who lives in, works in and visits the area.  The AONB Management Plan for 2013 - 2018 notes Quiet Lanes are an aspiration for better and more considerate use of the rural lanes in the AONB and hopes to see the development of an informal network across the area.

A Quiet Lane is a nationally recognised designation, requesting people to “Expect & Respect”.  The lane is hosted by a local, rural community, such as a parish or village group, who recognise that Quiet Lane designation can bring benefit to their local quality of life.  The Quiet Lane is not owned by the AONB or Suffolk County Council Highways, who supported the process and the pilot, but by the community itself.

The pilot project was supported by grants from several organisations, including the AONB's SDF and AAF Funds, and Big Lottery Awards for All.  This funding helped to pay for signs, an awareness campaign, and specialist electronic monitoring equipment to collect data.  The pilot project was completed in June 2014, when the funding period came to an end.  It is recognised that changing people’s behaviours is a slow process and this is but a first step.

The first Quiet Lanes to have adopted the designation are in villages with close links to the AONB - see maps below.  For more information please also see a series of Questions & Answers below.

Downloads and links:

Pilot Lanes Maps:

- Butley-Capel St Andrew
- Eyke-Bromeswell
- Felixstowe
- Martlesham-Waldringfield 

Quiet Lanes Regulation information

Project Funders 2013-2014:

  • Amenity & Accessibility Fund
  • AONB Sustainable Development Fund
  • Big Lottery Awards for All
  • Donations from the county councillors local transport budgets
  • Donations from parish councils
  • Suffolk Coastal District Council grant

Find Out More! Questions and Answers

· Who has priority on a Quiet Lane?

No-one. All users share the road with care and no-one has more right of way than any other.

· Are vehicles allowed on a Quiet Lane?

Yes. People need to get to their houses, farms and businesses, and others are out enjoying the natural surroundings.

· What is the speed limit?

Speed limits will vary, but you are expected to drive at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear (this could be less than 25mph).

· How do you judge your speed on a Quiet Lane?

You should drive carefully on narrow rural roads without a footway or footpath as it is easy to lose track of how fast you are travelling. Always slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary, giving pedestrians plenty of room as you pass, as the road is often very narrow and passing places infrequent. Nearly 70% of all road accidents occur on rural lanes

· What could be around the corner?

Walkers, cyclists and animals could be just around that corner ahead, but so could something large and agricultural. Expect the unexpected and give way generously.

· What should we do to be seen and be safe?

High verges and hedges often restrict visibility – remember things larger and faster/smaller and slower also use the lanes, so slow down and proceed with care, especially when you cannot see what is ahead. Everyone should dress to be seen, especially in low light.

  • Quiet Lanes - road users meet - by Claudia Myatt

    Quiet Lanes - road users meet - by Claudia Myatt
  • Quiet Lanes - wandering around - image by Claudia Myatt

    Quiet Lanes - wandering around - image by Claudia Myatt
  • Quiet Lanes - getting along together - by Claudia Myatt

    Quiet Lanes - getting along together - by Claudia Myatt
  • Quiet Lanes - all together now! - by Claudia Myatt

    Quiet Lanes - all together now! - by Claudia Myatt
  • Bromeswell Church Lane

    Bromeswell Church Lane
  • Cyclist on Mill Lane

    Cyclist on Mill Lane
  • Eyke lane with runner

    Eyke lane with runner
  • Butley Mill Lane

    Butley Mill Lane
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