Suffolk LEADER Grant Funding

The LEADER grant programme is an opportunity to develop rural areas and create jobs - see a brief Guide here.

Suffolk Coast & Heaths and Dedham Vale AONBs are involved in the steering groups to develop opportunities in the AONBs (and nearby areas), working with a range of partners.  The work towards a bid is being led by Rural Advice Ltd - contact Richard Rampton  

June 2014 update - a bid to Defra is being prepared and the project options are being researched and consulted on - if you are interested in finding out more or would like to propose a project this should be done as soon as possible.

Sept 2014 update - the bid went in on time and we expect to hear the outcome sometime in November.  Once confirmed the Local Action Group (LAG) will meet, a facilitator will be appointed and guidance for applications will be drawn up. Organisations could be able to bid for grants as early as Feburary 2015.

Here are the draft maps of the Local Action Groups:

Heritage Coast (Suffolk coastal area including north Essex)

Wool Towns (Stour Valley and beyond)


Landscapes for life link image