Yachts on the river © Tony Pick

Sailing and recreation on the water

There are plenty of opportunities in the area for those who like to spend their leisure time on the water.

Sailing clubs exist on all the estuaries where sailing has become one of the main water-based activities. For details on sailing clubs in the area we suggest you visit the Royal Yachting Associations website. The best source of information for mariners is in local pilot books; East Coast Rivers is probably the best known; as well as an active website there is a well-illustrated book.

Canoeing, rowing, windsurfing and other water-based pursuits can all be found within the area. Kite surfing is increasingly popular off the coast of Felixstowe. 

Powered water craft are also popular here and very welcome, when skippered responsibly. All our estuaries have speed limits ranging from 6-10 knots. Jet skis can cause serious disturbance to the tranquillity of the area, other people’s enjoyment and to wildlife. There are areas which jet-skiers are able to use, please take the time to find out where these are, on each estuary when you visit.

Just as we ask those enjoying the area on land, please tread (or float!) lightly on our landscape. It is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for you and future generations. We all have an important role to play in keeping this place special, whether for your next visit or when you bring your grandchildren here when you grow old.


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