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Grants and Funding

The Community and Conservation Fund (CCF) is our home-grown fund, developed in partnership with local businesses who raise money on our behalf. Grants (typically about £500 – £700) support grass roots conservation, access and education projects in the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB. The Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) is money provided by Defra, the government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs, to promote a wide range of sustainable projects that support their conservation objectives of AONBs and National Parks.

The Amenity and Accessibility Fund (AAF) has been set up by EDF Energy and the Galloper Wind Farm Fund (GWFF) has been set up by Galloper Wind Farm Ltd, to help people enjoy and improve their local environment in the AONB along the Suffolk coast.

Please see our map (below) to check your location in our geographical area – CCF applies to the whole area; SDF applies to the AONB only; AAF and GWFF have their own maps (see these on the individual grant page).

New map of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths
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